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If you would like to boast about an award, show off pictures of a new Baby Blue Devil, or share anything else with your fellow KW alumni, please use this form to let us know.


  1. Bob Dworak says:

    Can you please remove Shirley Trott, 9620 High St, Clarence Center, NY 14032 from your postal distributions. She has dementia and does not reside at this address. She lives in assisted living and does not need these distributions.

  2. Class of ’68 rules!!!
    Kenmore West Class of ’68 will hold their 45th Reunion during the weekend of
    Sept. 6-8, 2013 in the Kenmore-Buffalo areas. Please register current contact info at
    and check out Face Book page Kenmore West Class of ’68. Details of the reuniuon will be posted in March, 2013. We also need volunteers to update our class lists. Contact Martha Boutet.

  3. Virginia Koesters says:

    Call if further Info is needed 770 535 0326 REF: George J. Koesters Deceased 3-31-2014 Gainesville, GA.

  4. Janet Pitt says:

    Will there be a 55th reunion in 2016 for the class of ’61?

  5. The Kenmore West Alumni Football team played in the inaugural KW vs KE football game on June 12th, winning 33-7. The team Facebook page is listed here as well. We are aiming to build on the success of this year’s game. Any assistance from the Alumni Association would be helpful as well. Thanks

  6. Lusa waild says:

    Do you still mail out Kenmore West alumni newsletter? I have not received one in a very long time. And was wondering if I’m still on the mailing list? Thank you

  7. Loretta Markey - Battaglia says:

    I missed the 49 reunion on August 8, 2015 for class of 1975.

  8. Loretta Markey - Battaglia says:

    Can the reunion dates be included in the newsletter?

  9. stuart zimmerman says:

    I could not find information about the class of 1955 reunion that gives details about the event. I was always given data about what was expected for the ’65 reunion instead? At one time I did see a listing of classmates who could be attending but I could not understand how to find this again. Please help me learn about how to better use the website to get details about this reunion.

  10. Joan Roebuck says:

    I did not receive the newsletter until after the alumni event had occurred.
    please send earlier so that one can plan to come next time–at least 2 months in advance to get flights etc.


    Please include our e-mail address for future communications.


    Artie & Tina class of ’59

  12. Nancy Walden says:

    Can you give me the dates and contact info for the class of 1956 reunion? Thanks.

  13. Lauren Z Fader says:

    I want to inform you that my parents, both graduates of Kenmore West High School (1942?), have passed away. My father, Carlton Zoschke, died July 13, 2008, and my mother, Bettie Yoder Zoschke passed on May 1, 2012. Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts. They grew up in Kenmore and lived in Tonawanda for 60 years. They had many friends from Kenmore West that they remained close to throughout their lives.

  14. Pam Blaszak Schneider (not Snyder) says:

    Wanted to leave my e-mail as requested in the newsletter. Wasn’t sure if this was the right spot but I will leave it below.

  15. Matthew Fuzi says:

    Hello, I am the current Historian for Kenmore West’s National Honor Society. I am doing research and collecting photos of NHS past in for an upcoming induction ceremony and hopefully to begin creating an archive of West’s NHS accolades. Please contact me at if you are able to help. Thanks again!

  16. Diane Brutvan Kirchberger says:

    Hi! Class of 76!! 40th Reunion coming up in August! Send your contact info to

  17. Linda Edholm Infante says:

    Would like to join you!

  18. Dan Trumble says:

    The flyer states that the Summer Outing is Friday, August 5. It should read Friday August 4.

    The Class of 1957 will hold a 60th reunion during the weekend of August 4-5, 2017. For information (limited right now) contact Dan Trumble at or call 858-732-7119 (California). As of December 5 we have 30 classmates who have responded in the affirmative–looking for at least FIFTY-SEVEN!

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